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My Netherland Dwarfs

Hi my name is Elicia and im trying to make a web page for my rabbits, im thinking about   going to shows, im registered with the ARBA and Netherland Dwarf Club. Im working on it all. I managed to have a successful litter few months ago, now I have a Ruby Eye White Buck and Black Otter Doe, along with the two parents a Jet Black Buck and Black Otter Doe. l aso have an upcoming litter thats going to be up for sale. Im got new photos up of the babies, the Ruby Eye White Buck is up for sale hes  born 2-25-12 , the Black Otter Doe baby isnt up for sale but she to was born 2-25-12. So look under my photo album to get a see what the rabbits look like.

My Daughters Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf- Buck-Jet Black-For Sale

Midnight Magic


My netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf-Doe-Black Otter-Not For Sale